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Rolex Omega Watch Repair

There is currently only one official Rolex and Omega Service Centre in Singapore. Our service centre is the only place you can get your Rolex and Omega watches serviced to Original Rolex and Omega Standard outside of the official service in Singapore or Asia. We work based on updated published manufacturers' technical documents received during our yearly training in Switzerland when we work on all Swiss made luxury watches and these includes Rolex and Omega watches.

Modern processes and standards set by the factory or manufacturers includes the use of approved cleaning solutions, lubricants, surface treatments for parts after cleaning and controls of tolerances of each parts. These requirements must be adhered to strictly as they also include parameters for multiple test to be carried out before and after every intervention to ensure watch is serviced or repaired to original standards. Many of these tests are carried out on specialized equipment and diagnostic instruments over periods of several days and results recorded using digital print-outs. We are currently the ONLY service centre in Asia to be fully-equipped with these equipment and instruments.

We are also the first and only watch repair service centre in Asia working in clean-room environment with certified ISO Class 4 laminar flow to ensure sensitive watches are worked in absolutely dust and particle free environment.

Lubricants in watches have advanced significantly over the last 10 years with almost complete overhaul of the oils and grease watchmakers are required to use. We are proud to be ahead of this revolution through investment in knowledge and technological advancement and be the only service centre to use the full-range of modern sythentic lubricants available to the industry.

  • Watchmakers trained and graduated from WOSTEP Watchmaking School in Switzerland.
    • Received formal training in Switzerland on modern Rolex movements, Omega Co-Axial Calibers and Omega Chronograph Calibres including calibre 321, 861 & 1861 - Movements used in vintage and modern Omega Moon Watches.
    • OMEGA WORLD SERVICE ORGANIZATION Certificated Watchmakers with Certificates.
  • Watch service and repair carried out in-house in purpose-built service centre with controlled environment.

Consumer Advisory
There are dozens of second-hand shops that claim to be able to service and repair Rolex back to original standard. Many claim to use ex-Rolex "master technician" from Rolex. As we are in a industry that is not regulated, we must be wary of such claims which are often not credible or true. Self-proclaimed "Master Technician or Master Watchmaker" are like witch doctors, they often do more harm than good.

Watches that has been serviced or repaired by these middle-man watch shops appears to be working fine initially but quickly wears out or shows signs of greater problems to come. This is the result of 1) wrong cleaning chemicals, 2) expired or obsolete lubricants and 3) lack of proper surface treatments for required parts.

1) Wrong cleaning chemicals cause the parts to oxidies (rust)
 2) expired or obsolete lubricants cannot protect the parts and cause the parts to wear out faster
3) parts that requires surface treatments but does not receive it cannot hold lubrication
and suffer from the same result of wrong lubrication

A Rolex watch requires in depth knowledge, updated training and a lot of specialized equipment to diagnose, service, repair and properly test each watch after every intervention. Updated trainings are not available to technicians who leave the service. Tools and equipment are often not available due to the exorbitant cost and fact that Swiss factories do not supply tools to non-certified watchmakers. In the absent of such specialist tools and equipment, service and repairs cannot be properly carried out, not to mention back to original standards.

Watch owners are again advised NOT TO send watches to second-hand shops that claim to be able to service and repair Rolex watches. These second-hand shops act as middleman, earning the difference between what he charges you and the low cost repairman he uses to fix the watches. Although the watch may appear to work with such service or repair, it is often short term and do not last long. Permanent damage to the watches are common as incorrect cleaning solutions and lubricants coupled with old recycled and non-original fake parts are used. Fault or problems surface weeks or months after such service and repair. Unless you can see the actual full-equipped workshop and its watchmakers' certifications and original packaging parts, any claims by these second-hand shops of having "master watchmakers", tools and original parts must be taken with a pinch of salt.